Services we offer.

​When you need a reliable locksmith, give The Bees Keys LTD a buzz.

  • ​​​Non-Destructive entry into domestic and commercial property:

We will always attempt to gain entry into your property without any damage to the lock. This would usually be done by attempting to pick your lock, or other techniques which would leave your lock intact.

  • Repair and replacement of different types of locks:

If your locks have become stiff or impossible to unlock, we will  attempt to repair them on scene. If it is not possible or we could not gain entry without lock damage, we will get them changed.   

  • UPVC door and window locks and mechanisms changed and repaired:

​We are experts in UPVC locks and mechanisms. Sometimes the mechanism in the doors or windows become stiff, and could eventually become stuck. We will gain entry through the door, and after assessing the problem will discuss the best course of action.

  • ​UPVC door repairs:

​There are different reasons why a door might need to get changed. However, at The Bees Keys LTD, we have learned that instead of having your whole door replaced, there are options of getting parts of that door fixed or replaced. This usually has the same effect as a new door, but could save customers hundreds of pounds.  

  • Security check:

 Security of our homes or business premises is very important to all of us. If you have chosen to have The Bees Keys LTD complete a job, we can also offer a free security check and examine all your locks and make sure there are no weak points that burglers can utilise to their advantage. 

  • 24 HR Emergency/non emergency boarding up services:

​The Bees Keys LTD have expanded our services. We now offer emergency and non emergency boarding up services. If your house or business has been broken into, or you would like to keep your empty premises harder to access by unwanted guests, we would be able to secure it.   

  • ​Providing emergency service after break-ins:

​It is devastating when your house has been broken into. It is important to get a professional to secure your home after such events, and The Bees Keys have the correct expertise to complete the job to a high standard and make your house secure again.   

  • Broken key extraction:

Sometimes accidents happen, and when a key breaks in your lock it is not a good situation to find yourself in. We will arrive and extract the key from the lock, and unlock the door for you. 

  • Super glued locks:

There is no explanation why someone would glue LTD your lock, but the reality is it can happen. Here at The Bees Keys  we devised a way in which this problem can be resolved without damage to the lock or door. 

  • Moving into your new home:​​

Moving into your new house is an exciting time. Unfortunately, in most cases we do not know who owned the house in the past. Changing your locks might be a good idea, and we would be happy to provide a vital service like that. 

  • ​Push button code lock installation/repair.

As an extra security to your house or business premises it might be a good idea to install a code lock. If your business has a big number of employees, it might be a better alternative to install a coded lock, as this would decrease the chance of keys being misplaced or lost. This option could also save money on getting keys cut.